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 Frequently Asked Questions

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The Questions below are all related to our Scan-A-Page and Scan-A-Word Systems


What are the system components?

Scan-A-Word is a computer add-on system consisting of a lightweight wand scanner, scanner holder, patented software, headphones,  installation and product manuals. You will need at least a Pentium PC, sound card, DVD, a minimum of 512 Megabytes of RAM memory (2Gb for Vista) and 1Gb megabytes of free hard drive space.

SCAN-A-PAGE has the same hardware requirements but comes with a fully functional professional full page scanner.  Usable for scanning in color photos as well as documents. It comes with patented software, headphones,  installation and product manuals.

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How does Scan-A-Word & SCAN-A-PAGE work?

For SCAN-A-WORD the student simply passes the wand scanner over the text being read. The words are then displayed on the computer monitor and spoken out loud in a clear natural sounding voice. Then with the click of a button you can highlight any words on the screen to hear them spoken through the speakers or headphones. Scan-A-Word recognized 100 characters per second and reads words, phrases, and whole pages.  It is ideal for students who need only small reading assistance for individual words or phrases out of books.  It is also portable and works with all notebook computers.

SCAN-A-PAGE operates the same way only it scans in a full page document. With our easy one button operation full pages of text are quickly scanned into your computer where you can hear them read back to you out loud.

Software: Our text to speech and writing assistance software comes in different models depending on your educational needs.  You can also utilize an animated character (option) that speaks the words that appear in a balloon above the character as the words are spoken.  Or with certain models the text will be highlighted in yellow as they are spoken. In addition, you're given the choice of predetermined voices ... young or old, male or female. You can also adjustment the volume, speed, and pitch of the voice.

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Can BrightEye systems read any text and numbers out-loud?

Yes, BrightEye Systems specialized software can read out loud any text that is on your computer screen. Even the Internet, Email and other application. Many teachers create reading assignments that are either already on the computer or utilize the Internet. For example they could assign a list of words to look up at and ask the student to be able to read all the definitions. A student at home could hear their email read out loud or even a composition they just wrote in order to listen for possible errors in spelling or grammar.

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Who can benefit from Scan-A-Word?

Our systems are designed for a whole range of users, including the learning disabled, Dyslexic, assistive technology, special education students or adults, sight impaired, adults learning to read, people in ESL programs, students performing below grade level, preschoolers needing assistance in reading, gifted elementary students interested in gaining knowledge independently, foreign language students, and many others.

School use: Scan-A-Word and SCAN-A-PAGE workstations permit students to learn at a pace best suited to their needs while allowing teachers the time to develop educational programs.

Home: Our systems empower a student to be able to practice reading or do their homework on their own. Learning becomes easier and more fun. They develop greater positive self esteem.

Adults and Dyslexic people who would like the convenience of reading assistance.

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Can it be used in the classroom, home or the office?

Scan-A-Word and SCAN-A-PAGE are perfect for both classroom and in-home use. These systems allow students who are deficient in reading to maintain peer levels in the regular classroom while eliminating the need for many of the classroom modifications now necessary for special education students. Used in the home, it can eliminate the frustration experienced by parents trying to help their children learn.

Scan-A-Word and SCAN-A-PAGE promote a positive self-image for all users while increasing the proficiency and enjoyment of educational, recreational, and job-related reading and learning.

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How much does it Cost?

Scan-A-Word and SCAN-A-PAGE systems start as low as $ 495.00 and come with a 30 day money back guarantee.
Click here or on the Pricing button on the left side bar for further information about the different systems available.

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